Code For Design Of Die Casting Parts

  Code for design of Die Casting Parts

  Specification for design of wall thickness of Die Casting Parts: thin-walled die castings with higher strength and better compactness, in view of this, the design of die castings should follow this principle: In order to ensure that the casting has sufficient strength and rigidity of the premise should be as far as possible to reduce wall thickness, and to maintain the wall thickness of uniformity. It is proved by practice that the wall thickness design of die castings is generally 2.5-4Mm suitable, wall thickness of more than 6mm parts should not be used die-casting process production. The pressure casting wall is too thick, the wall is too thin to the casting quality influence performance: If the design casting wall is too thin, will make the metal weld bad, directly affect the casting strength, but also to the formation of difficulties; The wall is too thick or serious uneven, prone to shrinkage and cracks, on the other hand, with the increase in wall thickness, casting internal porosity, shrinkage and other defects also increase, the same will reduce the casting strength, affecting the quality of castings.

  Specification for design of die casting allowance: In general, due to the limitation of die casting process, some dimension precision, surface roughness or form-position tolerances of die castings cannot reach the requirement of product drawing, the enterprise should first consider adopting such as correction, La Guang, extrusion, shaping and other finishing methods to repair, in the finishing process can not completely solve these problems, it should be on some parts of the die machined, here should be noted that in the mechanical processing should consider the selection of small processing allowance, At the same time, as far as possible not affected by the fractal surface and active molding surface for the blank datum, so as not to affect the processing accuracy.

  Design specification for die casting slope design: When designing die castings, the structural inclination should be left in the structure, without the inclination of structure, there must be the process slope of demoulding in the need. The direction of inclination must be consistent with the demoulding direction of the casting.