How To Better Improve The Quality Of Zinc Alloy Die Casting Parts

How to better improve the quality of zinc alloy Die Casting Parts

First, the foundry in the organization of production and business activities, in order to ensure the quality of zinc alloy Die Casting Parts, the production process must be tested.

The inspection work is carried out by the quality inspectors scattered in each workshop. The quality of the process and the quality characteristics of the zinc alloy Die Casting Parts and the effects of the various quality characteristics on the process and casting functions are also recognized. Further, the inspection procedures for the process and casting , Inspection items, inspection methods and methods, inspection sites and measurement errors. Only familiar with and master the basic content of casting quality inspection work in order to ensure the quality of inspection work, to prepare for this casting quality inspection plan.

The casting quality inspection plan is the general arrangement of the whole inspection activities of the foundry factory. The location, personnel, equipment configuration, inspection methods and methods and workload of the inspection station are clearly stipulated in the form of words or charts. It is the basis for guiding the work of the inspectors and an important part of the quality control plan for the casting process.

Second, the preparation of quality inspection plan preparation work

Casting quality inspection program is one of the important contents of production technology preparation work, in the production technology preparation work should be developed at the beginning. So that you can use the most economical way to ensure that the quality of zinc alloy Die Casting Parts quality requirements.

Preparation of casting quality inspection program, the first zinc alloy Die Casting Parts drawings, technical documents and technical standards and other serious reading and analysis, and do the following preparatory work:

1, find out the standard technical requirements. General zinc alloy Die Casting Parts should be in accordance with the provisions of the technical standards for production and acceptance, inspectors must find out the specific requirements of the standard. In order to ensure the quality of zinc alloy Die Casting Parts, for some important zinc alloy Die Casting Parts, generally have to develop higher than the current standard internal control standards. For the contents of the internal control standards, in the inspection plan should have a standard or description, easy to check the master, to avoid the implementation of the lack of prior preparation due to unprepared.

2, ready to test means. For inspection methods and inspection methods, it is necessary to inform the plan and audit that the process steps and the zinc alloy Die Casting Parts must be measured in order to make the process process and the zinc alloy die cast in a controlled state. If you need to use the sensory test process quality characteristics of the process, should be prepared in advance as a basis for comparison of physical samples in order to be able to make the right judgments.

3, to find out the characteristics of quality requirements. The quality characteristics of zinc alloy die-casting must be carefully studied and grasp, because it is an important factor affecting the function of the casting, especially for zinc alloy Die Casting Parts charts and standards are not clear, not specific enough, it should be clear.

4, to identify difficult problems. Zinc alloy die-casting technology standards or zinc alloy Die Casting Parts quality requirements of the project, in the understanding and understanding of the differences on the difficult issues, should promptly provide relevant departments to study, make a clear explanation or provision.

5, the preparation of the quality of personnel inspection system. Zinc alloy die-casting plant at all levels of inspection personnel should have a clear quality responsibility. In the casting process, each inspection personnel are in their respective positions for testing, the various inspection procedures, links on the quality of zinc alloy Die Casting Parts is very important. A quality problem will affect the quality of the entire zinc alloy Die Casting Parts. Therefore, there must be a strict quality responsibility system, and seriously implemented, which zinc alloy Die Casting Parts quality in a controlled state, is of great significance.