Preparation Of Blank For Cold Extrusion Parts

  Preparation of Blank for Cold Extrusion Parts

  There are several ways to make rough blanks:

  1, shearing, with the bar in the shear die cut into rough. The advantage is that the productivity and material utilization are high. The disadvantage is that the cut section of the blank is not perpendicular to the axis, and the end face is rough. After the shearing, Extrusion Parts the end face is flattened and then cold pressed.

  2, sheet blanking processing, the sheet material through the general punching method and fine blanking system made rough. The former out of the rough section is not smooth, the latter out of the rough section straight and bright, but the required force is large, commonly used in non-ferrous metals. Blanking processing system to produce high productivity, precision up to IT7 ~ IT8 level, but the material utilization is low, generally about 60%. The aspect ratio of the blank shall be less than 3/4.

  3, cutting. Single or small batch production, commonly used lathe or milling machine processing rough, the cross-section is better, do not need to upsetting can be used to squeeze, Extrusion Parts but the material utilization is low, generally 70% to 90%, and the productivity is very low The

  What are the effects of the deformation of the cold Extrusion Parts

  1, with the grain position into the orderly state, so that the deformation resistance of metal materials has improved.

  2, the formation of grain ordered position will cause the mechanical properties of metal materials anisotropy.

  In cold Extrusion Parts metal, there are inclusions that weaken the strength of the metal. Because of the cold Extrusion Parts process is a two-pressure pull of the main strain state, therefore, inclusions in the direction of stretching is elongated, which resulted in the so-called fibrous tissue. With the increase of the degree of deformation, the finer the fibrous tissue, the less the effect of reducing the strength of the metal, so that the metal strength of the part increases accordingly.