Technical Essentials Of Precision Guarantee For Precision Parts Processing

  Technical Essentials of precision guarantee for Precision parts processing:

  1, the first processing datum: Parts in the process, Precision parts as the positioning datum of the surface should be processed first, in order to provide as soon as possible for the subsequent process of the processing of fine benchmarks. Referred to as "datum first".

  2, dividing the processing stage: processing quality requirements of the surface, are divided into processing stages, generally can be divided into roughing, semi-finishing and finishing three stages. Mainly in order to ensure the quality of processing, the use of reasonable equipment, easy to arrange heat treatment process, and easy to detect blank defects.

  3, the first face after the hole: for the box, bracket and connecting rod parts should be machined after the plane machining holes. In this way, the plane can be machined to the hole, Precision parts to ensure the location of the plane and hole accuracy, but also to the surface of the hole processing to bring convenience.

  4, finishing: The main surface of the finishing process (such as grinding, honing, grinding, etc.), should be placed in the final stage of the process, after processing the surface finish in Ra0.8um above, a slight collision will damage the surface, in Japan, Germany and other countries, in the light finishing, all to be protected with flannel, absolutely not with hand or other objects directly contact the workpiece, so as to avoid the surface of the finishing process, due to the process between the transfer and installation and damage.

  For precision parts processing is mainly the size of the requirements, such as cylinder diameter is how much, there is strict requirements, positive and negative errors within the scope of the requirements are qualified parts, otherwise they are unqualified parts; positive and negative errors also have provisions, Precision parts such as an inline cylinder, if the diameter is too large, exceeding the allowable range of error, it will result in the situation, if the actual diameter is too small, exceeding the error allowed negative lower bound, it will cause to insert too loose, Not a firm problem occurs. These are unqualified products, is to be voided or reprocessing, this will inevitably lead to increased costs, therefore, to ensure precision parts processing accuracy is very important.

  The mechanization level of China's manufacturing industry is improving, and the quality of enterprises is more and more high, in the pursuit of High-precision on this road, the Chinese manufacturing industry has a long way to go. In all countries of the world, the manufacturing brand is good to belong to Germany and Japan, they are precision requirements are very stringent, because strict will precision, their manufacturing will go to high-end routes, the Chinese road to run on the car is enough to embarrass the people, Precision parts China's manufacturing industry is far from the high quality road. Chinese manufacturing must pay more attention to the quality and precision of products in order to make products that meet the requirements of modern technology.