Why Is Zinc Aluminum Die Casting Parts Popular

Why is zinc aluminum Die Casting Parts popular

More and more people have been aware of the low price of zinc-aluminum alloy, decorative effect is good, so we also have to choose when the decoration with zinc aluminum alloy,

1) green environmental effects and common "respiratory function"

Zinc-aluminum alloy was neutral, aluminum Die Casting Parts radioactive very weak, the production and use of non-emissions are not conducive to the health of harmful substances, the appearance of delicate lubrication, and human affinity is good. And with other materials have excellent compatibility, not the erosion of other substances, is a typical green information.

2) resourceful: zinc-aluminum alloy in China has a very rich mineral resources, aluminum Die Casting Parts is also widely distributed in the spread, far more than other countries.

3) low price: zinc aluminum alloy is a large amount of transportation is also large, and the price is very low price of mineral products.

4) forming fast: condensation hardening fast, aluminum Die Casting Parts short production cycle, zinc and aluminum alloy mold turnover is fast, easy to complete large-scale industrial production, the use of the cycle can be much earlier.